The Marakwet is one of ten sub-dialects of the Kalenjin ethnic group who live in the Republic of Kenya. There are an estimated 200,000 Marakwet people. The Marakwet have seven distinct clans, namely:

  1. Almoo,
  2. Talai,
  3. Cherangany (Sengwer or Kimaala),
  4. Endoow,
  5. Markweta (the dialect giving rise to the common name),
  6. Sombirir (Borokot)
  7. Kiptaani.

Each clan of the Marakwet are characterised by their recognition of no authority higher than the asiswo (the assembly of all adult males of the clans). They forged a form of association through their common residence along the Kerio Valley and on the slopes of the Cherangani Hills.


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  3. Professor Benjamin Edgar Kipkorir, PhD (1939-2015) was born at Kapsowar in Marakwet (Kenya) and he grew up in an African Inland Mission Station at Kapsowar in Marakwet District. He was educated at Tambach Secondary School, Alliance High School, Makerere University, and at Cambridge University (PhD). He served his country in different capacities at Sirikwa County as Deputy Clerk, University of Nairobi as a lecturer, Director of the Institute of African Studies, Chairman of the Industrial Development Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank as Executive Chairman, at General Motors as Director, and later in Washington D.C. as Kenya’s Ambassador to the Unites States of America. In his 75 years lifetime, he authored and edited several books and many articles in Kenya.